"Working harder for less the amount" Why bi-weekly mowing is being offered less.


"Work hard & not smart"?

     More often than not, lawn care companies will explain how things will operate during the season and what to expect. Then followed up with something like," the season includes weekly mowing and starts from May 1st - October 10th,". When the cost for the season is then presented, people will accept the terms of the contract or go into sticker shock.

      "I think my grass will only need to be

 mowed every 2 weeks"

    Now, there are many reasons and benefits for a lawn to be mowed once a week. Some clients, no mater what the reasoning is, don't care about the explanation and are set on bi-weekly mowing. 

    Lawn care companies will not budge with what they offer for important reasons. Reasons, which I will explain.


1.       The quality of a bi-weekly cut is not the same as if you were to cut every week. Bi-weekly mowing can look uneven, messy because of over growth, and its time-consuming.  Sometimes you might have to mow twice. The property that is mowed is a form of advertising in the lawn care business. The quality of your work is seen by all. If you leave a lawn looking bad, it will reflect poorly on you and your name. Bi-weekly lawn mowing is not worth the headache for some.


2.       Longer grass means more wear and tear on equipment. You want to make sure your equipment last as long as it can because lawn care equipment isn't cheap to fix or to buy again. If it rains one day, and you go to mow the next day, you will see that the grass is still moist. Pretty much everything in the lawn mower or grass trimmer will be effected negatively. From the engine to the belts, and you burn more fuel.

3.      Sometimes a business plan isn't always pretty, but it's reality. Bi-weekly mowing if done right can be profitable, but you have to go through all the factors that were mentioned. That means you have to work harder. Work smart, not hard. Right? Lawn care businesses will use weekly mowing to get their target clientele. The assumption is that bi-weekly clients are cheap. Biweekly scheduling for the season is less expensive than weekly mowing. You get half the amount of mows compared to weekly mows during the season. When your grass is cut every week, the service provider saves more time on the job, which then allows for more clients on a schedule and more money is made. Saying all that, there are still lawn care service providers who offer biweekly mowing to their clients. I know I do. Cheers!